Thursday, March 26, 2015

Important Acupressure Points - Acupressure Point #2: Pc6 (Pericardium 6)

The second important acupressure point we'll explore in this series is the anti-nausea point Pc6, or the "Pericardium 6" point.

This point has been proven scientifically to reduce nausea and is a useful point to stimulate when feeling motion sickness or when experiencing a hangover.

Sometimes, especially for chemically induced nausea (alcohol), pressing on this point can induce vomiting. But the feeling after is much better and it helps to keep it that way.

It is advisable to stimulate the point before going for a ride or on a plane to avoid motion sickness altogether.

Below is a demonstration of how to find this acupressure point, how to stimulate it and a few more interesting details...

Chinese Name: Neiguan

English name/translation: Inner Gate meridian

Location: PC6 is located on the inside of the forearm, 2 cun (three fingers - index, middle and fourth finger) from the wrist crease between the two tendons

Meridian: Pericardium Meridian


  • Depression, Irritability, dizziness, vertigo, apoplexy, spasm and pain of the upper extremities
  • Chest congestion, pain in the hypochondrium, cardiac pain, palpitation
  • Epilepsy, vomiting, hiccup
  • Malaria, asthma, cough